Posted by: cawnkrantz | July 14, 2011

Cawn/Krantz’s SENSE – Sational Place Mats

Gone are the days of, “I just don’t like it”. SENSE –sational Place Mats™ provide children and toddlers through school-aged, a child-friendly way of thinking about the food they eat. SENSE –sational Place Mats™ were designed for picky eaters and problem feeders that are limited not only in the number of foods they eat, but also in their ability to accurately interpret the sensory properties of the food on their plates. These colorful placemats, designed by both speech-language therapists and occupational therapists, provide children with the vocabulary needed in order to help them process and explore unfamiliar or non-preferred foods. SENSE –sational Place Mats™ can be used as a tool to help aid the feeding therapy process or as a support during mealtimes in the home. We have come to find these placemats to be extremely popular with the kids during Cawn/Krantz’s feeding therapies!


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